Why E-storz™ is worth for me?

We know all of your are confused by seeing such a cheap price from E-storz™, so it's our responsibility to answer your questions. Please go through all questions and answers given here, which help you to dissolve all your queries about E-storz™.

E-storz™ is a project named by developer of this project. E-storz’™ helps you to develop and own an online selling website and android application with a very small amount.

E-storz™ developed by Webzieh Creations, and it’s available through frewebz.com. Webzieh Creations is an Information Technology company.

Frewebz.com is a division of Webzieh Creations, who is providing E-storz™to the public.

  1. A Server – We are providing unlimited space for your website, pay only for usage on monthly basis. 
  2. A Domain – Without domain we can’t develop a website. So, if you are not affordable to buy a domain, we provide subdomain without charges.
  3. SSL Certificate – If we don’t have SSL certificate, website users continuously get security threat warning , so that people will afraid to access the website. We provide it along with all subdomains and domains
  • Cheapest way to own an online selling website and Android Application. If you are not using E-storz™ you need to spent 1000’s to own a good online selling website and also spent 1000’s to develop an Android Application.
  • Small developing charge. E-storz™ has a small developing charge for website and android application which is less than 1000.
  • Pay server charge based on monthly usage. Every developing or hosting companies charges you 1000’s for server space in a year, even if you use it or not, you have to pay it before you start developing your project. We charge INR 99.00 / month as base installation of wordpress, base plugins, a full featured paid theme and SSL certificate, which costs you INR 750.00/ month, if you are not using E-storz™.
  • No limitation to develop further. If you need to develop further, add plugins from wordpress. Choose any plugins you need to modify or develop your platform. Each plugin you need to install need space in server, so whenever you need to add a plugin, we charge INR 29 for installation and INR 1 per day for server space. Uninstall it, when you are not using it, it helps to increase speed of your website and application.
  • No Bandwidth limitation. If you are using any cheap hosting services, they will say your bandwidth is limited, so you are forced to pay more to upgrade your server with more price. We provide unlimited bandwidth without limitation, so we don’t have any such upgrading plan, then be happy for saving your money.
  • Easy Updating. We are using WordPress to develop website and developing webview of your website. So it can easily update, redesign or upgrade to any level we need.
  • WordPress Dashboard – We are providing WordPress Dashboard access to you, so that you can design and develop or also can use any expert to design and develop. 
  • Free Support  – We are giving some free services which includes, designing, developing, hosting, publishing and updating. We are not charging for any of these services. You android application also update without any charges.

As we mentioned earlier, we don’t give you limitations. You can Add-on required multi-vendor plugins and develop full featured multi-vendor platform.

Search in google for wordpress plugins. If you need support to choose plugin, ask us we can guide you to choose it.

We provided a full featured pro theme. If you need to change, let us know, we can help you to change the theme.

We don’t have hidden charges. We clearly mentioned all charges. We again remind you, we don’t have yearly server charge, we charge monthly on usage basis.

Stop paying monthly server charge, we delete your website and application.

No. We included renewal amount in monthly charges. So we renew it automatically before expiry.

If you have more questions ask us in WhatsApp or comment below, it help us to improve more and answer many doubts and questions.

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